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Make your own ssl certificate

After the 1st of January 2017 the industry will stop trusting SHA-1 based certificates.
WriteLine "KeyLength 1024" oFile.
Activate the configuration using sudo a2ensite.
DNShostname sHostname ' ' Create the ASN.1 file ' Dim aASNsubstring(2, 5) Const HEX_data_length 1 Const asciidata 2 Const hexdata 3 Const HEX_blob_length 4 Const HEX_type 5 aASNsubstring(0, asciidata) sDNShostname aASNsubstring(0, HEX_type) "82" ' ' Convert DNS name into Hexadecimal ' For i.So that was all on how to install SSL certificate on your Ubuntu server or computer.Replace the placeholders private-key-file and with the paths to your private key and your merged certificate file.Read more on our blog.This option allows only one SSL certificate to secure a dedicated public IP address.We actually used the.inf file created from this VBS script, but the contents look similar enough.

The following list of Ciphers will support all modern browsers and Citrix Receivers.
The following website shows information on SHA256 compatibility: Several well know companies like Microsoft and Mozilla will stop supporting SHA-1 based certificate this year already: Most of the SSL Certificate providers will support a reissue procedure were you can switch from SHA-1 to SHA-256 without.
When App Service finishes uploading your certificate, it appears in the SSL settings page.
WriteLine "ProviderName " Chr(34) _ how to make a phone call using skype "Microsoft RSA SChannel Cryptographic Provider" Chr(34) oFile.
WriteLine "ProviderType 12" oFile.Exe command-line to submit the certificate request ' Set oFile eateTextFile(sHostname "t oFile.If you get stuck of any of the steps or want a detailed explanation of what we did in this tutorial then free feel to ask us in the comment section below.At the moment NetScaler.0-64.34 is the latest firmware build.WriteLine "REM certreq -submit -attrib " _ Chr(34) "CertificateTemplate sTemplateName _ "n" _ "SAN:guid" _ Mid(sguid, 7, 2) _ Mid(sguid, 5, 2) _ Mid(sguid, 3, 2) _ Mid(sguid, 1, 2) "-" _ Mid(sguid, 11, 2) _ Mid(sguid, 9, 2) "-" _ Mid(sguid, 15, 2).As soon as you bind a SSL Profile to a virtual server this will override the individual SSL Parameters, and also the SSL Ciphers.WriteLine The subject alternative name (SAN) can be included in the INF-file" oFile.