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Make out traduzione

The press are making him out to be the greatest singer since Elvis, but he's not that good.
Slang) carry off, cart off (slang) filch, kidnap, knock off (slang) make off with, nab (informal) nick amazone papegaai tam maken (slang, chiefly Brit.) pilfer, pinch (informal) purloin, steal, swipe (slang) 3 (with) with blow away (slang, chiefly.S.) bump dvd movie maker free download full version off (slang) destroy, dispose of, do away with.
Make sb/sth out to be sth (represent as) rappresentare qlcs/qlcn come, indicare qlcs/qlcn come vtr, nota : Often refers to a false claim.Discussioni su 'make out' nel forum English Only Vedi la traduzione automatica di Google Translate di 'make out'.How do you make that out?Slang) make-believe 1 n charade, dream, fantasy, imagination, play-acting, pretence, unreality 2 adj dream, fantasized, fantasy, imaginary, imagined, made-up, mock, pretend, pretended, sham, unreal.Informal) hook it (slang) make away, run away or off, run for it (informal) skedaddle (informal) slope off, take a powder (U.S.Make out, make out that, uK, informal (with clause: pretend) far credere, dare a credere vtr.

Make out US, informal ( adv: fare: well, etc.) andare bene vi ( informale ) andare di lusso vi cavarsela vtr I made out very well from the sale of my house!
A heavy make-out session ensues as far as I can make out Don't make a fool out of me Get out there and make it happen get that sound you make out of my head How can I make my company stand out in the.
I could still make out the ash in the carpet from your fags missing the ashtray I like to try new products and make a point of looking out for them in the shops." I make out of you i'm sure she'll get by (make.Liam tried to make out that he was sick, but it was clear he was not.Vb 1 assemble, build, compose, constitute, construct, create, fabricate, fashion, forge, form, frame, manufacture, mould, originate, produce, put together, shape, synthesize 2 accomplish, beget, bring about, cause, create, effect, engender, generate, give rise to, lead to, occasion, produce 3 cause, coerce, compel.Slang) take it on the lam (U.S.Visita il forum Italiano-Inglese.

Traduzioni simili, traduzioni simili a "to edit out" in russo to edit verbo, russian out sostantivo, russian out aggettivo.