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How to make wool pom poms

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Remove the work from your fingers and secure both loose ends (making sure that this is centrally positioned on the work) of wool in a knot.We see pom poms in some sports also that is called cheerleading pom poms which girls carry in their hand to cheer the players.Continue winding the wool / yarn around the circles until the central hole is nearly full.Remove the card from your pom by using your scissors to snip into the card, and pull apart to separate.Step3: Now separate the layers one at time.Making poms in this way takes a little bit longer than the other three methods, however you can easily customise the size of your pom to suit your requirements by simply altering the diameter of the cardboard circles you cut out.Hold both the cardboard circles tightly together, and wind your wool / yarn evenly and firmly around the edge.Step2, to make a loop, take yarn roll cut a small piece of it and insert it into the fork.Remove the card from your pom by using your scissors to snip into the card.Pom poms are a great craft to make with kids, and they can be used in a huge variety of DIY projects.

Alternate yarn colors and weights to make multicolored pom poms with different effects, you can even make a design depending upon how you wrap the yarn.
Tie the end to the strand of wool you are holding with your thumb.
Happy pompoming dont forget to share with #WeArePomMakers, we love to see your creations!
Pull a 5cm strand of wool through the central prong of the fork and hold in place with your thumb.Insert a piece of wool / yarn into the middle of the machine and pull it tight, secure in place with a knot.Those cheerleading pompoms are made from plastic or paper.And flaunt yourself with a different look every time you go outside.Insert your scissors into the slit on the side of the machine, and cut all of the way around both arcs.For now, we have chosen fork.Step4, to make yarn ball, Remove the loop from the fork and cut.Have you ever think this small fluffy ball can be like a cherry on the cake?