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How to make clothes straight without ironing

Most dryers, gas or electric work the same way: to heat air, a dryer drum to tumble clothing through the warm air and an exhaust system to vent the moisture drawn from the fabric.
Make it look like a burrito.
Close your bathroom door so the steam cant get out.
Then, hang the clothes on the rod itself or on a hanger you put on the rod.
Direct the shower head away from the clothing to divert the stream.Be aware that the products could transfer from your hair onto the iron with each use.2 Roll or flatten the clothes.Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.Unload Your Dryer Correctly, if you don't mind wrinkles, there is no particular skill-set to removing clothes from a dryer.Use a medium heat setting.Make sure to dampen a small item like a sock to include in the dryer to "steam" out the wrinkles.Best thing is preventative, when you do your laundry, shake your clothes, etc out before line drying or putting them into the dryer.

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Seal the room: Seal the bathroom (the smaller the better) for air leaks - shut windows, block the space under the door.
However, you could also use the device to iron at least a small section of clothing.
Whites with whites, darks with darks.
There is no hand dryer in my school.
It won't remove the purposeful creases, but it will take away the folding wrinkles.Hang on the shower rod after you take a really hot shower."Secure with a duckbill clip on each side.But with today's newer fabrics and modern laundry appliances, ironing has taken a back seat in the laundry routine.If you leave clothes in a basket or heap, the weight of the pile will only cause wrinkles to set in more deeply.

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Use it in a pinch: When youre on-the-go and ironing isnt possible, keep a small spray bottle of this in your desk at work or in the car.
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