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How to make a screenshot on macbook pro

how to make a screenshot on macbook pro

After that the software window displays the image showing your screen at the moment you pressed Print Screen.
There are links to the original answers to give credit where credit is due!
The output file with a graphic image is your screenshot.
Also if I failed to include an answer/method worth including feel free to let me know as well!The login window screenshot will appear on the desktop with an LW prefix to the regular screenshot file name, like this: LWScreenShot.43.23.This makes taking a screenshot of paspoort kopie maken the login screen or a setup window just as easy as taking one anywhere else: Access the login screen of OS X either on boot, through a locked screen saver, or Fast User Switching menu.Get to the login display on the Mac you just enabled SSH with, either through the screensaver lock screen or the fast user switching login screen.Taking Screen shots of the Login Screens in Earlier Oersions.

From another computer (Mac or anything with an SSH client login to the prior Mac with ssh by specifying the proper IP: ssh mac now logged into the target Mac with the login screen active, issue the following command line sequence to capture a screenshot.
The easiest and fastest way to make a screenshot in Microsoft Windows is to press the Print Screen key when you need to (see the figure) thus making your computer store the information displayed on the screen at that precise moment.
A screenshot is an image made by your computer and showing exactly what a user sees on the screen.
Capturing a picture of the login window in earlier versions of OS X is a bit more technical and it involves a multiple part sequence; enabling remote login on the Mac with SSH, then connecting to the Mac with SSH to issue a command.As you can see, prior versions of OS X require quite a bit more effort to take a picture of the login windows and login screens, and require network access, whereas the latest versions of OS X are as simple as pressing a keyboard shortcut.Hit, commandShift3 to take a screenshot of the login display.To run the Paint software, click Start Run, type pbrush and click.I'm answering this question as it's a highly viewed, and there are many answers out there plus there's Swift and Obj-C.How a screenshot of the Mac login screen is accomplished will depend on what version of OS X the Mac is running however.