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Excel 2003 tabel maken

Note that the cursor moves to the farthest left area of the screen.
Move the cursor to cell.
Note that the cursor moves downward one cell at a time.
Type Text too long to fit.Note that the cursor moves to the left.If Formula Bar does not have a check mark next to it, press the down arrow key until Formula Bar is highlighted; then press Enter.You can now use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to move left and right across the Menu bar.

It means that any code in the CAI that creates commandbars, commandbar controls, or menu items will no longer work as expected.
In Excel 2003 and earlier, only CAIs that are configured in hkcu are displayed in the COM Add-Ins dialog.
COM Add-Ins In Excel 2007, this page describes some changes for COM Add-Ins in Excel 2007.
Press the Page Down key.
Go to - F5 The F5 function key is the "Go To" key.Continue to hold down the Ctrl key, but release the left mouse button.Menu items and commandbar buttons could be placed in the most logical location.Linkage information about a COM Add-In, indicating to Excel that the CAI is available, uncover make up is stored in one of two areas of the system registry: (hkcu) or, (hklm).Press the left arrow key several times.Point to Cancel and click the left mouse button to close the dialog box.

A check mark should appear.